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Scala Palazzo Rosa Service Plate 33 cm

SKU 19335-403665-10263

Original price AED 1,149 - Original price AED 1,149
Original price AED 1,149
AED 1,149
AED 1,149 - AED 1,149
Current price AED 1,149
Kitchen royalty, let's set aside small hospitality dishes and talk about the "Rosa" serving plate – a masterpiece befitting a great lady like you! Picture a grand dish resembling a palace square, adorned with a dance of pink as delicate as silk, intertwining with pure white like snow on a mountain peak. Its edges shimmer in gold, not just decoration but stars scattered on your royal throne! This plate doesn't just hold food; it hosts a feast! Main courses transform into a rich garden, pastries become artistic canvases. Imagine guests placing their hands on a gold-studded plate, eating from the hands of a queen! Like the legendary Medusa had the power to enchant the world, so do you; each dish you present becomes an unforgettable memory. Impress your guests, elevate your cuisine, and remind the world that you're a star, even in hospitality plates!