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Medusa Blau Cup & Saucer tall

SKU 19325-409620-14740

Original price AED 1,290 - Original price AED 1,290
Original price AED 1,290
AED 1,290
AED 1,290 - AED 1,290
Current price AED 1,290
Four cups with saucers, each boasting a rich royal blue akin to a gemstone. But it's not just about the color; there's a hidden charm that draws you in like the scent of authentic oud. Yet what steals your heart are the finely sculpted details. The legendary "Medusa" whispers intricately engraved on each cup, her braids dancing around her beautiful face like a breeze caressing the sands of the desert, and each intricate detail tells a story of valor and mystery. With every sip, you'll feel the Arabian coffee infused with the taste of victory and luxury.